Late May report from the camp!

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Walleye and Northern action has just started to heat up in shallow water! Casting has been very successful with light tackle in 4-10 feet so far. I suspect the fish will be starting to move a bit deeper in the next couple weeks or so.

Weather has been very nice but hot for the end of May. Many days have been in the 80’s and are bringing average water temperatures in all our lakes up to about 65 degrees.

Wallace Lake, Craven lake and Obukowin lake are all normal water levels for this time of the year.

Carroll Lake and the Gammon river and fairly low but still easily navigable to all locations and bad rocks are marked!

The camps all survived the winter well and are opened and ready for a summer of fishermen!

If you or anyone are looking for a trip for this season, give us a ring and we can set something up for you!

Joe Hnatisihn
Wallace Lake Lodge & Outposts

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